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1. A Team Tastic Member will respect every player and member.

2. Every Team Tastic Member will wear our official tag. [TT]

3. If you join Team Tastic. you're a team, being a team player is a must.

4. Founders will lead the community, except if they appointed someone if they are absend.

5. We have no use of clan hoppers. If you apply to Team Tastic, you stay Team Tastic. Once you left, there is no coming back!

6. We absolutly disapprove hacking and cheating. If you get caught you will be banned immidientely!

7. Do not advertise for our community on other servers. It will give our community a bad name.

8. You are expected to play on our server, so we're able to attract players and show our activity within the community.

9. If a community member is inactive for a certain amount of time, he'll be considered inactive. If you remain inactive for too long without informing us, you may get chucked out.

10. Multi-clanning is NOT allowed.


1. This is one of the chief rules - respect the other users who share the Forums with you. You may not agree with what they have to say - likewise, they may not agree with you. So agree to disagree. Anyone who is found to be flaming or launching personal attacks against other Forum users may be subject to a ban. The Forums are meant to provide an enjoyable experience for all - so don't abuse them and each other.

2. There are no set rules against the use of profanity in the Forums, but users should only really apply it where appropriate. Inserting swear words in every post doesn't make a user look "tough" or "clever". In fact to most people, it comes across as a literacy deficiency. Posters who frequently use excessive levels of profanity may be cautioned to tone it down. In no way, will the usage of racial, religious, ethnical or sexual discrimination be allowed on our forums. This may lead to definite banning.

3. Mindless spamming will NOT be tolerated in the Forums. Any user found posting pointless rubbish (such as multiple posts with no text, only smilies - for example) is likely to incur a warning, followed by a ban. Filling the boards with pointless or nonsensical posts simply to gain a Forum rank is not acceptable either.

4. The posting of adult links, banners, or any other material that promotes pornographic material is prohibited. These forums are for the discussion of not sexual entertainment. If you want to discuss or observe that kind of thing, we suggest you look elsewhere.

5. As with regular online chatrooms and other Internet Forums, please do not use all caps (ie. higher-case text) when posting - especially when creating a new thread title. Using caps is conventionally akin to "shouting" online - and isn't really necessary for entire posts.

6. English is the only language allowed on this forum.


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